about myself


My name is Adrianne Herold and I'm a Champaign, IL native. I went to Centennial High School and then started my career of transferring through a handful of colleges because I could never stick with one thing. But photography? Photography has been by my side with each path I took. I ran a blog for sometime under the name Bellassa. That's when my photography actually took the reigns. I bought a cheap dslr off of eBay because I knew I needed some good photos of the food and diy's I was making on the blog. Around this point, I started taking my camera with me everywhere and I noticed how much differently I saw the world. Colors in nature were brighter and people began to stand out to me. Every event in life, I brought my camera to and I started to really get a feel for capturing life through a set of lens. I took a quick course in photography at Parkland College to really put my feet in concrete with this. I've now been photography for a total of 4 years. Still, every time I turn my camera on, I'm learning and growing. And all of this is why I love photography. It's ever-changing just like myself.


Random Facts

  • I've traveled to Rome, Florence, Venice, London, Paris, and Amsterdam :)
  • Amsterdam was my favorite if I'm being honest..
  • My dream is to visit Switzerland & Ireland.
  • My favorite animals are raccoons and moluccans.
  • I could live on pasta alone.
  • I have 3 kitties & a little lhasapoo.

Instagram: @adriannnexo