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Product & Brand Photographer.



Product Focused Images

Perfect for product based businesses needing ecommerce photos,  social media posts and advertising material. Styled product shots include lifestyle settings and intriguing flatlays.

food photography

Perfect for resturants or chefs wanting images of their food & drink for websites, social media posts, or advertising.

lifestyle photography

Perfect for businesses wanting images of real life moments. This can include behind-the-scenes images of your work,  chefs in the kitchen, etc.

interior Photography

Perfect for interior designers, artists, bloggers, or shop owners that want images of their home or store front interiors.

album art

Perfect for artists and musicians needing artistic album art. Can be stylized still-life or portraiture.


the step by step

Step 1
Introductions & Prep

After you send in an inquiry, we can schedule a time to talk about your brand and your visions. We will map out a brief together, talking colors, textures, and image goals. We'll finish  it off by making it official with a contract and a clear timeline.

Step 2
Shooting & curation

I'll spend a week or two doing what I do; shooting & curating your images.  This is when you really get to spend more time doing the things you love to do without worrying about your content!

Step 3

When I've finished up shooting and curating, we will meet back up and I'll deliver the images via USB and if any product was used to photograph, they'll be returned at this point. And finally, we can all rejoice and celebrate your brand!


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