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Model Call


What it is:

I'm always on the lookout for more models for my brand shoots!
Sometimes the shoots only need a human element (a hand or arm, etc.) and sometimes I need full body, lifestyle shots.  A majority of the time, my models get paid! So this is a great way to bring in a little extra money from time to time. The shoots typically take place outdoors around Champaign/Urbana and sometimes they'll take place in my apartment.


How it works

If you're interested, I'll have you fill out the form below.
If you've never been in front of a camera before & you're kind of nervous, then that's okay! If you'd like, you can let me know you'd like a practice run and we can set up a short 30 minute lifestyle shoot free of cost! This is a perfect way to practice it out and get more comfortable.
After filling out the form, your name + email address will be added to my model call list and when a job comes in that I need a model for, I'll send out an email stating what the job is + all the details. Then, if you're free and would like to model, just let me know asap. It's first come first serve!


what i'm looking for

Honestly, everything!
I need trendy millennials, young parents, grandparents,  diversity in ethnicities, body-builders.
I'm looking for you!


Model Call form 2018

Fill out this form to be added to the model call list.
None of your answers will have any affect on your chances of being added.
Every person that fills this out is added to the list, no matter what.

Name *
If you have children you'd like to have in shoots, if there's certain things you're not comfortable with, anything else!