Why I Became a Brand Photographer


from the start.

Ever since I was a child, I was creating something. I've always been doing something creative. To give a short list, I've: been a musician, made ceramics, made jewelry, done oil paintings, owned a bakery, done woodworking & the list could seriously go on. And each of these things, I tried to pursue as a career but it always came to an end by my own hand. I usually ended up bored, uninspired or unchallenged. But then, photography showed itself.


Photography wasn't something I jumped into.

Photography silently stepped in while I was pursuing something else. I started a blog way back in 2013 and I got a cheap Ebay camera to capture some things for the blog. I found myself making a ton of blog posts because photographing things became a hidden passion masked as "blogging". A dear friend of mine was a photographer and she started to really inspire me and I wanted to do more. So I started taking photos of my pets, my home, the world around me & then it struck; I think I want to be a photographer.


I loved it but I was still searching.

I started pursuing it a little bit more but I knew I had a lot to learn. I started doing self-portraits & soon offered up services for maternity shoots, family portraits, & senior portraits. I learned so much from them and I seriously couldn't get enough but I felt like I was still searching for what it is that I want to do. I didn't want to give up on photography like I did with everything else.


The Beginning of the Brand Photography.

I started focusing on my Instagram more and trying to get myself out there. Then I was approached on Instagram by Krisi. She owned a clothing brand in the next city over and asked if I wanted to collaborate on a shoot. I was terrified since I'd never worked with a brand before and didn't even know where to start. But she was incredibly helpful and the shoot ended up changing my life. I'm so glad I took the step out of my comfort zone. The photo above is a behind the scenes shot that I posted on my Instagram. This photo brought myself to the attention of Flashstock (now Shutterstock Custom). They emailed me & asked if I'd be interested in joining their team of commercial photographers.


the start of something new.

In 2016, I joined the Shutterstock Custom team after a lot of self-talk and telling myself to get outside of my comfort zone. The idea of brand photography was intimidating and challenging. Within a day of joining, I had my first shoot for Panera. And I'm going to be honest. Looking back at my first shoot; it was.... not great. But it inspired me! I couldn't wait to do more and see where this could go! I took in as many projects as I could and I started to learn so much so quickly. I started to grab the attention of smaller, local brands and realized that this path of photography will never get old. Jump to 2018 and I still haven't thought of pursuing anything else.


every day is different.

Brand photography has become my number one passion. It's the thing that gets my gears going and gets me excited for the day. Every single day is different; a different brand, a different product, a different scenario.
I'm not only in the world of photography, but I'm also in the world of marketing and advertisement. I love being able to mix the two together. I love helping brands make a statement and find solutions. Brand photography has so many other elements to it than just photography. It's about trend-forecasting, brand-identity, & marketing strategies. It's ever-changing which is so much like myself. ♡