Where to Use Stock Images

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The easiest way for a quick refresh


Stock images are oh, so versatile. Even one good stock image can go a long ways. No matter the industry you’re in, these images can give your brand an effortless facelift. The stock image industry has evolved so much in the last few years and you’re finding a number of smaller scale agencies (Hi! That’s me!) offering aesthetic driven + design focused collections - perfect for today’s organic brands.


banner images

By far, the most common use of stock images is for website banners + headers. From spring time florals to niche-driven flatlays - there’s a lot of great options for banner images in the stock image world. If you’re wanting to put text on top of a banner image, search for “negative space” in our Stockshop!
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Pinterest images

Another really common use of stock images is for Pinterest Callouts. Callouts are great for grabbing attention from potential viewers with tall images + text overlays. Searching for “negative space” is also great for this so you have room to add a text overlay.
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social media

If you’re in need of content for Instagram or Facebook, stock images can come in handy! Using images that are driven towards your niche can come at the click of a button (maybe a couple clicks). In our Stockshop, images are put into collections and each collection works cohesively so even if you need 3, 5, or 15 images, they’ll all flow together well.
> Example images are from collections Spring Arrival and Bohemian Spring.

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Flyers + print

The photos available in our Stockshop are available to use in print + marketing material! Using stock images in flyers, handouts + other printed campaigns can help to make the viewer stop and actually look at what they’re holding.
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