The Made Fest


goodbye september!

We’re kicking off the October season with one of Champaign-Urbana’s favorite festivals: Pygmalion! And with that comes our favorite little market: The Made Fest. Local makers met up over a couple of days through some intense weather; 90 degree days + 45 degree evenings (welcome to Illinois). Live music fill the air and the little street was packed with people.


Alisa & I headed down here on Saturday and took a stroll through the street, checking out the incredible vendors we had.
There was tons of traditional art, pottery, fiber art, woodworking, + so many more.
Here are some of our favorites:


Larks Head Macrame

Kelsey’s work was stunning. She makes these incredible macrame pieces which she sells at local shops around downtown. Her hoop designs stopped me in my tracks.

Instagram :: larksheadmacrame


the Veronica Shop

Veronica is a good friend of mine and I always love seeing her work displayed. Her art is so cohesive and just incredibly made.
She does illustrations on recycled paper & let’s just talk about those La Croix cans… just perfect.
She’s the sweetest person alive and she deserves all the recognition.

Instagram :: illusteffen


Raff Co.

Okay seriously.. her clothing is impeccable.
The designs, the textures, the colors: it’s all so beautiful. People like Allegra make me so proud of our humble city. Her creativity is out of this world + I really wish I could showcase more than 2 photos of her booth right now.
(Alisa definitely bought one of those handkerchiefs)

Instagram ::


Complete Vendor List: