Spring Refresh | Brand Identity


time for a fresh look

Everyone once in a while, I like to dabble in the world of graphic design. I actually went to school for it a while back and even though I never truly pursued it, it’s still always been a side passion of mine. I could spend hours and hours in Illustrator drawing things up.
I’ve been obsessing with 2 specific colors lately. Sage green + a deep pecan brown. So I decided to make some small tweaks to my brand’s identity and incorporate those colors. Below are my 4 new brand colors for this season in 2019!


I looked through some of my most recent work and found complimenting colors from my current style to help mold the two new colors into the mix. I have a good amount of deep forest greens in my images as well as a soft pale pink. So using those two definitely helps make this slight transition a bit easier.


newest logo designs

Next up was creating new logos. I’ve been loving this Fairwater Sans font with my brand so I knew that had to be included. I’ve also been crushing on this new hand trend. It’s something that screams “naturalism + earthy”. So I started sketching away and ended up with this really astrological feel (here for itttt). These are my two new base logos! One for marketing + one for social.


2019 Brand Identity

You got the ideas behind the new main elements. Below is my full-on brand identity sheet where I laid everything out to help find balance and cohesiveness.

Brand Identity.jpg