South Carolina


South Carolina > Tennessee > Indianapolis

This past week I traveled to Columbia, South Carolina for some family events and man, a trip like this was badly needed.
I got out of my little town for 5 days and the last time that happened was in 2013... 5 years ago!
There were so many things to do and see on our 12 hour road trip. It was a jam-packed trip and we were constantly on the go.
A lot of these photos are from my iPhone (due to my not being ready half the time).

Ertel Cellars Winery - Batesville, IN

Mom & I can't trip together without stopping at a winery. This is one that showed up on our drive so we took off for it.
This place is amazing. The wine is great and they're food was incredible.
I love that you can look over into the wine cellars.
After this, we took a wrong turn to leave and got lost in the backhills of Indiana/Ohio...
Let's just say we took a very scenic route that added about an hour on our trip.

Photo Mar 15, 1 33 55 PM.jpg
Photo Mar 15, 1 49 15 PM.jpg

The Vista - Columbia, South Carolina

With the free-time to kill, we went downtown Columbia and found some spots to stop at.
It was St. Patrick's Day so the pubs & burger joints were packed.
So many people in green wandering the streets. It was amazing.

Photo Mar 17, 2 54 06 PM.jpg
Photo Mar 17, 1 40 49 PM.jpg

Lowe's Foods - Lexington, South Carolina

My sister, who lives in Lexington, told us we have to stop by Lowe's Foods.
We weren't disappointed. I'd be here everyday if we had one.
Drinking wine and shopping? Yes. pleeeease.

Photo Mar 17, 1 39 40 PM.jpg

Smokey Mountains - Tennessee

We left South Carolina and headed towards Knoxville, Tennessee to stay the night.
On our way there, we spent the day driving up the Smokey Mountains.
I wish photos of mountains could do them justice but they never will.
Being from the Midwest, I'm always in awe of these views.


Indianapolis, Indiana

Our one last stop on the way home.
I've always loved Indianapolis.
I saw this eatery on Instagram and made a point to stop there and..
I'm going to be dreaming of this place for days.
The Garden Table on Massechussets Ave.


The Garden Table - Indianapolis, Indiana

If you could wrap my personality and aesthetic in one building.. this is it.
The colors of the decor and the food. The textures of the everything. The people that were there.
I will always tell people to come here. It's heavenly.
We ordered a cold-pressed juice flight.
We tasted the Lush Love, Emerald Elixir, Tropic Tonic, & the Neon Nectar. 10/10.
Then I ordered the Corleone.
Meatball, mozzarella, parmesan, pickled sweet peppers, picked onion, fresh basil; all on a baguette - HEAVEN.

Photo Mar 19, 1 40 01 PM.jpg
Photo Mar 19, 2 24 04 PM.jpg
Photo Mar 19, 2 11 14 PM.jpg

The only thing I wish were different is the season. It would have been amazing to see these places in spring or summer.
But that's all the more reason to make another trip!