Run away


“Art is the only way to run away without leaving home.”
-Twyla Tharp, b. 1941

When the seasons change, I have a rough adjustment period.
I get very comfortable with rhythms and cycles.
& when that's uprooted and everything shifts, so do I.
Summer is beautiful and much more inspiring than our 8 months of winter,
but it's a change and it's something I have to learn to adapt to.
It can feel like I've lost all creativity and everything comes to a halt.
It's when I need to take a deep look into what I'm doing and where my passions are.
I tend to take a few days of slugging around and giving my head a fresh slate.
& once that's over, I start completely over and sort of "re-teach" myself everything I know.

That's where I'm at.
Trials & Errors.
Because to me, those 3 things are what embody the life of a Entrepeneur.