My Go-To Pillow Mist


sleeping never smelled so good

I’m a huge pillow mist fan. I had one pillow mist from Bath & Body Works from years ago and I savored that bottle for so long. I loved it so much. And when it finally ran out, I knew I needed to find a blend that I loved just as much.
After much experimentation, I found one that I love so, so much.
Bursting with citrus scents and a backbone of the oh, so heavenly lavender scent; it’s sure to relax you.


whatcha need:

  1. Orange Essential Oil

  2. Lemongrass Essential Oil

  3. Lavender Essential Oil

  4. Distilled Water

whatcha do:

Add 20 drops of orange essential oil, 15 drops of lemongrass, and 10 drops of lavender into a glass spray bottle - fill the rest of the bottle with distilled water.

Once it’s bedtime, give the bottle a good shake and mist everywhere.


some extra help

I get my glass bottles from a local Amish store here in Central Illinois. But if you can’t find any local ones, here’s some online finds for you! (These links are affiliated!)

Amber Glass Bottles - 2 oz
Amber Glass Bottles - 4 oz
Orange Essential Oil
Lemongrass Essential Oil
Lavender Essential Oil

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