Hello Memphis!


We made it!


About 2 weeks ago, Dylan and I made our 6 hour move down south to Memphis, TN. These two weeks have been a such a transition. I’ve slowly been getting our new (and huge) house in order, trying to make it a home.

I’m so excited for this new change and all that it brings. We never knew how northern we really were until we came down here. And let the record be known, the bugs definitely are bigger in the south. I don’t want to talk about the hour long battle I already had with a 3 inch beetle okay?

I’ve already been so inspired by this new world around me and I can’t wait to see how it shifts my photography and the new endeavors I have brewing in my head.. wink wink.

So keep your eyes open.
Like always, autumn is my time for new beginnings and this one is going to be a big one!
I love you all so much more than you know and I hope your summer is going amazing.


here are some photos of the new house: