My Go-To Instagram Apps


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I get asked a lot about what I use to edit my Instagram posts or how I design my stories, and I'm finally going to lay it all out for you and let you in on some of my secrets! Each of these apps are used on either a daily or weekly basis and I'm so obsessed with them all. So I'll just jump right into it!


A Color Story


This is my go-to editing app for my Instagram posts. There's so many choices to choose from when it comes to filters and I love being able to stack them. My favorites are Golden, Fawn, and Flashes of Delight! This app also has amazing curve adjustments which I'll use for a quick enhancement every once in a while.
For some outdoor photos, I'll start with the 20-30% edit in VSCO and then transfer to here to finish the edit (usually with a filter from the Fawn pack - I'm in love with them all).

Photo Jun 08, 3 16 51 PM.png
Photo Jun 08, 3 17 56 PM.png



VSCO is incredibly popular for Instagram edits, I'm sure you already have it! I do pay for VSCO X and I really love it. I mainly use this for my Instagram story edits since it's so quick and easy. I also love that I can edit videos in VSCO now! I'm obsessed with all of the Mood filters! 
As for my main Instagram posts, every once and a while I'll use a filter at about 20-30% before transferring it to another app (I'll cover it below) to finish off the edit.

Photo Jun 08, 3 16 38 PM.png

A Design Kit


This is the app I use to add typography and fun quirks to my Instagram Stories. This app is still somewhat new so it's really awesome watching it grow and constantly seeing all of the new design elements they add to it. Everything on here is so customizable and it's so fun to use.

Photo Jun 08, 3 18 40 PM.png



This is the app everyone asks me about! This app is a game-changer for Instagram stories. You can create a new folder and plan your whole story out with different layouts and slides and then you can either save one page or the whole story, or send it straight to your Instagram from the app! I created one folder titled "singles" for those random one slide stories I upload so that I don't have a bunch of random folders in the app.

Photo Jun 08, 3 23 37 PM.png

Lightroom Mobile


If you have a Lightroom subscription, I highly recommend getting the mobile version as well! It's free for people who already have Lightroom and it's just so good to have on your phone. I use it a lot to transfer RAW photos from Lightroom on my computer to my mobile Lightroom. It's also my favorite app to do basic adjustments to my photos (exposure, white balance, graduated filters, etc.).

Photo Jun 08, 3 25 50 PM.png
Photo Jun 08, 3 26 05 PM.png

When to Post


People say that the time you post can really determine your engagement, so I tried out a few apps and didn't really see much of a difference. But then I found When To Post and it's pretty accurate! I've tested it and posted between two suggested hours and it really didn't receive as much engagement as when I post during the suggested times. I love that it gives you 3 different options throughout the day in case you post more than once a day. I will say that it will start to adjust the times after using it a few times, it may not make a big difference right away but it starts to analyze your followers engagement.

Photo Jun 08, 3 28 04 PM.png



An honorable mention: this app definitely comes in handy at certain times. It has some really awesome collage layouts and I love the element it can add to my stories. You can either choose a layout, or you can add certain photos to use and then cycle through the layouts to see what works the best!




And obviously Dropbox is going to be mentioned. I'm an overly organized person and my phone's camera roll never has over 50 photos on it. I transfer everything to organized folders in Dropbox which also makes it super easy to get photos from my computer to my phone and vice versa.


So there ya have it!

My list of go-to apps for all things Instagram.
Do you have any other ones that you swear by? I'd love to hear what you use!


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