Apartment Tour


It's been a while since I've done one of these.

I've put a lot of work into our apartment the last couple of years so I felt it's time to do this again. This also may be our last few months here! There's still a bit of work to do but for the time-being, it is what it is and I honestly love it in here. So much so that it's hard for me to leave!
A majority of my furniture and decor is either handmade or thrifted.
Each room is divided up & if there is something buy-able, I'll be sure to mention it!

Come on in!


Living Room:

The first room you enter. My cozy and happy place.
Also the room with the most color.
The couch and the side chairs were thrifted.
Every other piece of furniture I actually built! Including the coffee table and the record stand.
The large macrame piece at the end is handmade and actually for sale & so are the plant hangers!
Mirror macrame hanging: here.
Plant hangers: here.



I love love love our kitchen.
It's big, it's extremely bright, & it's really easy to keep clean.
This kitchen actually makes me want to cook.
The table was thrifted and repainted.
The corner bench & the knife rack were handmade.



Our bedroom has always been a work in progress.
But I'm beginning to love it.
It's very earthy in here and I always have my essential oil diffuser going.
Diffuser: Amazon
Orange pillow: Amazon
Corner shelf: Amazon
Lamps: Walmart
Dresser: Ikea (here's a similar one)
End tables, wall art and mirror stand were handmade.


Office / Studio:

The messiest room & I debated not including it but honestly, it's where I spend a lot of my time working and I think there can be beauty in the chaos so I'm going to suck it up and let you in.
I have so many plans for this room but I'm thinking of holding them off till we move and I get my own studio room.
I have one corner that houses all of my photography props.. well I should say most of my props cause a lot of them are spread out in the apartment. 
Our wall length desk is something we built together and it works for us.
You'll notice the difference in Dylan and I's setup.
He's got his intense "battle station" and I demanded I be by the window and that my whole setup be white and clean.

Excuse our horrible cable management as well.
We haven't quite figured out how to secure them all to the bottom of the desk..

And yes, that's a remake of Ron Swansons breakfast poster!
Dylan made his breakfast and I took a photo and had it printed for him.
I think it's his favorite thing in here.


So there you have it. Our humble abode.
I think it's inspring to see how people can make things work with just thrifted and bargain items. It's something I'm both passionate about & also forced to take a part in because lord knows I'm not one to spend loads of money on any one item.

I hope you enjoyed this and if you have any questions about anything, you can always reach out to me either through email or DM on instagram!