A New Era


Growth + reality

A new era of myself and adriannexo.
Things have happened you guys! I’m engaged.. like woah?! Dylan and I are moving to Chicago in the next few months. Adriannexo had a whole re-branding session done. I could go on. But you know what I keep thinking through all of this?
Literally no one knows what the hell they’re doing.
Sometimes I get all flustered or overwhelmed about my life and my future and how I don’t really ever feel like I know what I’m doing. But I’m noticing.. no one else does either. My parents don’t. My friends don’t. Hell, not even the people I look up to have a clue. We’re all just guessing & taking chances & starting over.
And I truly think that’s what makes life so beautiful - the ability we have to just recreate ourselves.


confidence + inspiration

I have a confession. I spend a lot of time on Instagram + Pinterest looking at other peoples work and I get myself into a frenzy thinking I’m not good enough or creative enough or talented enough. I confess I’ve molded my work and brand around other peoples ideas and have tried so hard to fit into pre-existing trends.
But this ends here. I had a pep-talk and it’s over.
This re-branding comes from the heart. It comes from stripping the fears of what others think. I’m learning to have faith in myself.
I knocked everything down and started with a clean slate.
I built this brand with care and patience and honesty.
I couldn’t be happier with it and I really can’t wait to see where it goes.



So after all of this, what does this re-branding entail?!
We’re still running as a commercial photography brand. Product & lifestyle photography is still our #1 gig. But here’s some things were focusing on:

The blog

The blog is coming back in full force. I plan to focus on this a lot more. I think it’s such a vital tool I have and I’m so excited to do more with it! I plan to blog most of my photography sessions. I want to blog more about my life, home, style, & everything else. The blog is about to be jam-packed!

graphic design

And the newest thing were adding in: graphic design services!
I’m very giddy about this. Graphic design is something I’ve always had a passion for but it never came across my mind to actually do something with it. Our list of services just grew to now include custom logo design and I’m hoping in the future to offer other graphic design services (maybe web design??).
Since you read through this blog post, I’m going to let you in on a secret. The shop I’m opening up soon is a one-stop graphic store. We’ll have grab+go logos, PDF templates for pricing guides and information, Instagram templates + highlight covers and possibly more in the future! But shhh.. that’s my secret to you!


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