2018 Sweater Goals


Sweaters are a beautiful part of life.

Autumn is officially the best season ever. The one with cozy knits, hot apple cider, cinnamon in everything, and there’s a refreshing chill in each morning breeze. I think most of my fondest memories took place in autumn.

Is it just me, or does autumn always feel like a fresh start? It’s weird to me, that the ending of a year feels like a new beginning. I guess New Years Day just doesn’t do it for me.
I love creating new traditions in the fall. New habits, new ideas, a new me.

Autumn always tends to be the month that I take time and I “reinvent” myself.
It’s been the season that I’ve quit & started new jobs.
I used to always change my college degree in the fall.
I guess fall just really motivates me to make life-changing decisions.

Well, that was an unplanned blurb about my life in autumn.
If you’re still here with me, I thank you & I appreciate you.
But on to what this post was really about….

I’ve rounded up some of my favorite sweaters of this season.
Some people swoon and dream about swimsuits or summer dresses.
Nope. Not me. I dream all year about new sweaters.. and boots. (Maybe I’ll do that one next).
Anyways, here you go.
Check. Them. Ouuttttt.