An Intro

photo by Sarah Elizabeth

So since I've decided to start a blog up, I'll start with a full on introduction of myself.

I'm a Midwestern girl with a heart for the mountains. Ever since I can remember, I've been creating new things and new ideas. I'm full of curiosity and if I'm not working on something new, I go a little crazy. I've dabbled in just about anything growing up. It all started with fashion. I used to spend hours sketching and pinning fabric to my vintage velvet mannequin in my bedroom. I have some super embarrassing experiments I could show you. 

It then moved on to baking. I started up a bakery focusing on specialty cakes and desserts. It was a big challenge for me. It was the first creative en-devour I started that had to listen to what people were wanting and expecting. It taught me so much about listening to people and really understanding their ideas as well as incorporating my own. 
The photo to the right was a cake I made for a fellow photographer friend (Anna Longworth)'s birthday in 2013!


I then moved on to jewelry design. This was tedious one. I wont deny that I have a hard time with my patience. But nevertheless, this was a fun time. Getting to really unleash the creativity in me. - Forgive me, I hadn't gotten into photography at this point so these photos are um.. not the best.

After that, my dad stumbled upon a barman of a deal on a kiln. A FULL SIZE KILN. So.. of course I started up with pottery. This one was probably the best of them. It wasn't something everyone in my city was doing. It was refreshing and so awesome to just go out to the "studio" (garage) and get my hands messy in the summer sun.

Then things rolled into me having a blog. I started a DIY blog under the name Bellassa. This is the point where I realized I needed a DSLR to take better photos for the site and so I found this cheap camera on eBay and started shooting away. I enrolled in a photography class to get some basic knowlegdge. During this time, I met some photographers in the area and instantly became bestfriends with them. We started going out and shooting together alot and I started to develop my love for photography. 

our first time hanging out :')

our first time hanging out :')

And now here I am.
Doing what I love most and enjoying every second of it.
Even the stressful ones. :)