Daily Carry


So what do I bring with me everywhere?

I decided to do a daily carry post cause I'm always curious about what everyone else deems important enough to always have at their side.
Granted, mines not as exciting as most. I don't carry much with me. But just for fun, I figured I'd go ahead and do this.

Also, at the end, there's a bonus item from Urban Outfitters from like 10 years ago and I'm wondering if anyone else remembers these?!


The Purse

- Forever 21 -

First things first: I literally only use this bag. I'm obsessed with it and always have been. It's the perfect size for me and it matches everything I own.  It's a little scuffed up now but I really don't see myself replacing it until it has completely fallen apart.


The Phone

- iPhone 7s Plus -

This is a given. Obviously my phone is on me at all times.
This case is actually just some $7 rubber case from Amazon. There's like 30+ colors to choose from!


The Gym

- Planet Fitness -

Dylan and I started going to the gym together at the start of the year. We wanted to start off easy and *cheap* so we decided on Planet Fitness. I really love it there. We really have a lot of fun when we go (which is very surprising).


The Wallet

- Target -

Again, this is something I've had for a very long time and I still love it so much. It's my favorite color and it's a perfect size. It actually fits in my bag like a tetris piece - a match made in heaven. 
As you can see, its definitely rough around the edges. It's had a lot of love.


The lip Balms

- EOS & Blistex -

Yes.. I carry two with me depending on my mood.
The EOS is a minty one that I loveee in the winter.
But you guys, this Blistex Soft & Lush one... hands down my addiction. It's like pure butter.


The Highlighter

- Jelly Pong Pong -

okay.. HEAVENNNNNN. You guys. I can't.
I just started doing my makeup again after a 6 year hiatus. (Not exaggerting). And I pulled this out of my stash and actually tried it and.. omg. I use it religiously now. It's the best highlighter I could imagine. You paint it on like nail polish on your face and rub it on and it stays there all day and it's the perfect rose-gold tint.

This is from a birchbox from a while ago.


The Body Oil

- Olivia Care -

I've already raved about this stuff before but here we go again. I am obsessed. I use this oil on my cuticles and hands a lottt. I have extremely dry cuticles and they tear quite frequently but this has actually been helping a lot. Plus it helps that it smells like heaven.


The hand cream

- JR Watkins -

I use to sell products from JR Watkins back in the day (turns out I'm not the greatest at those kinds of gigs). But I fell in love with everything they sell. I use their dish soap and cleaners daily and I carry this hand cream around with me as well. I love their lemon scents but all of them are so so great.


The mascara

- L'Oreal -

As you can see by the distressed exterior, I love this stuff. LOL.
I've used this mascara since I first starting using makeup. (okay not this exact bottle.. but you know what I mean).
this. stuff. is. amazing.
It's thick but not clumpy. It's dark but its natural.
And it stays on alllll day.


The essentials

Annnd obviously the few essentials.
Dad and I found this tiny little pocket knife at ACE hardware and it's actually come in handy (For opening stuff. Thank the Lord I havent had to use it in self-defense). It's super sharp and super small.
And then of course the bobby pins, nail clipper, and hair clip.




Alright, who remembers these?

- Urban Outfitters -

I took these off my keys for the photos but I had to see if anyone else was obsessed with these from Urban like 10 years ago??
I think I still have like 6 of them.

Urban Outfitters use to sell little mystery boxes with food keychains and my friends and I were obsessed and we'd go get boxes together and trade them with to try and collect them all. LOL anyone?? anyone??
Can we convince Urban to bring these back?!

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