About myself

My name is Adrianne Herold and I'm a Champaign, IL native. I'm a photographer, woodworker, and fibre artist. I began each one of these paths at different times and in different manners. I never imagined doing any of these full time but it became very apparent to me later on that these are my callings; each of them. I've never been able to pick one thing and stick with it. My creativity won't allow me to. So I've decided to never limit myself. 

I began photography around 2012. I ran a blog for a little while and that's when I bought my first camera and it slowly developed into different paths since then. I moved on to portrait photography in 2015. Then I was discovered by Flashstock and began working with them in September of 2016. This was when I started focusing on product & brand photography. In January of 2017, I ditched my 9-5 and went self-employed doing product photography and I seriously couldn't be happier. 

I began making macrame in 2015 just as a new hobby to keep me occupied while i was in school. It just kind of rolled into itself over the years and it became a very therapeutic thing for me. The repetitive motion of making macrame is a very calming experience. 

Woodworking started when I moved into my apartment and was lacking some furniture pieces. I love the saying, "Can't find it? Make it!". I made a list of things I wanted to make for our living room and had my dad help out with the process of building them. My apartment is probably 90% handmade.  Woodworking is very challenging but very rewarding. It's taken a lot of trial and error. But it's become a passion of mine and I wouldn't trade those challenges for anything. 
I joined Harthaus in July 2017. I loved the idea of joining other creatives in a collective group to help push each other in each of our own crafts. Harthaus has such talented artists within its walls. Check out the site to see for yourselves! 

Random Facts

  • I've traveled to Rome, Florence, Venice, London, Paris, and Amsterdam :)
  • Amsterdam was my favorite if I'm being honest..
  • My dream is to visit Scotland & Ireland.
  • My favorite animals are raccoons and moluccans.
  • I could live on pasta alone.
  • I have 3 kitties & a little lhasapoo.